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Orlando Jones FL at DV on 9/3

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25 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Jones has the athletes to match. It will come down to the big uglies. 

I know it was a few years ago but coach Helm for Johns Creek GA said the kids on Jones lines were massive. 

The key is what does Duncanville bring back?

Duncanville doesn’t bring back the 3/4**** kids on the OL (only return 2 starters on the OL:6’3 280 OG and 6’1 270 C)  but their defense will be stout, several high end kids on the DL

the key is will samples revamp his offense, he really needs to be more balanced. They should have the best rushing backfield they’ve had since JJ graduated.  The new QB has wheels but they need him to be able to pass too. Should be a good game for samples 

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40 minutes ago, Sammy Swordsman said:

Must win game for Texas.  DV just earned a preseason #18 ranking from Dave Campells  site 

Hey look I’m I’m not screwing around here if all you’re going to do is act like a fool and troll threads then I’m out and this site can kiss off, I don’t give a damn what your title is. 

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1 hour ago, GardenStateBaller said:

I will be there…not excited about the stadium.  The seats are spaced to far back due to the track.  They had better options imo.  This stadium was probably less expensive than all the others!

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