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  1. Those 3 big plays he mentioned were the difference in the game(2 turnovers and the fake punt. ) He also mentioned Duncanville can't pass, so by getting them down and in passing situations he altered their offense. Like I said in a different thread.
  2. Whose saying otherwise? That play took the run away in the 4th. You can't keep running the ball down 21. It wasn't the Desoto defense, it was that play.
  3. We went over that. They went down 21 after the fake punt and started passing. 19 of their 42 passes came after that Fake punt TD. That's 45 percent of their pass plays for the game.
  4. It made a huge difference. Duncanville would've gotten the ball back down 14. Guess what happened when they got the ball back after the fake punt TD? Huge run TD Nobody is saying Desoto was getting stopped, but they weren't stopping anyone either.
  5. A HB is irrelevant when you're getting a push He went for it cause he knows he had nothing to lose. He doesn't get it and an extra 25 yards isn't going to help his defense. On the other hand, a conversion gives him an opportunity to go up 21 and seal the game. Because offensive coaches get to cute. That's what i would've done.
  6. Durham wasn't the reason they lost. Two reasons I highlighted. The fake punt putting the game out of reach and turnovers
  7. You can't run down 21 in the 4th. The fake punt forced Duncanville to pass. Mathis wasn't dumb. He knew his defense wasn't going to stop Duncanville, so he had to keep scoring. OL He scrambled pretty well and bought time. No it wouldn't have been. If these two played again, you'd get a high scoring running affair with either team winning. Turnovers and a couple of big plays would decide the game like last night.
  8. They were driving in the 3rd and then they had those back to back to back false starts on 4th and 2. That drive killed more than half of the quarter.
  9. They did get whipped. They gave up 450 yards of offense. The difference is the turnovers and the special team plays They went down 21 that's why. Most of their passes came in the 4th quarter(19 of their 42) They threw the ball 23 times prior to the fake punt TD. 19 afterwards
  10. Desoto won by 14 They needed a 2-0 turnover margin A last second miracle TD before halftime A KO return A fake punt conversion. This shit should've been a 28 point win. You think all of that happens again?
  11. Duncanville did bully that Desoto defense. They didn't score in the 3rd dur to 2 fumbles by their WRs
  12. Upfront they got whipped on defense. As did Desoto. Neither team was imposing their will and showing they were truly better. DV fumbles stopped them in the 3rd. In the 4th quarter, down 21 after the fake punt they went away from running the ball. These two play again, and the score can go either way. Turnovers and Kerry big plays would determine it. Neither team proved they were truly better last night
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