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Community Answers

  1. Mater Dei will end up with close to a 100% turnover in Varsity staff. I see them trending down now. keep an eye on the incoming freshmen team.
  2. I think Brennan is going to reel in the Football program a bit. Maybe a lot. I would bet that there are faculty (maybe alot) that are anti sports program and want the school to emphasize scholastics.
  3. What happened to Leinart's kid? This was supossed to be his team wasn't it?
  4. The VERY major flaw in GSB's poll is that it is MUCH more difficult for SJB or MD to end up #1 SJB and MD must beat each other TWICE plus seek out and win a Marquee OOS (State Champ) opponent. They also have to win the max preps rated toughest playoff division in America SFA and IMG ONLY need to beat (1) middle of the road OOS state champ, and run a midling schedule of 9 teams with no playoffs to worry about. This would be equal to DV and NS playing each other twice and then winning 6A
  5. Looks like the debate is settled and sanity has prevailed. Per the Composite. #1 Stache #2 The Bishop Big Gap #4 IMG
  6. He seems to have really improved after he left Folsom. (just kidding). Great look for the Folsom program plus the O-line guy too. I may have underestimated that team.
  7. So what you are now openly stating is that your poll is basically just a scheduling vehicle for IMG. I
  8. IT would be great to see Logan diagram his offense on a white board. How cool would that be!
  9. I'd really like to hear him talk about what makes his offense go, and why its so difficult to defend. A mini clinic would be great.
  10. That was not really an informative interview. No questions about OOS games. No questions about why they don't kick field goals. No questions about the IMG game, the MD game or the SJB game. But we learned he coached his daughter and goes to OOS softball games. smh
  11. For a Folsom guy, Jake Browning was pretty darn impressive tonight. Congrats to the Bulldog nation.
  12. Speaking of games played "awhile ago"...... last year you gave the MNC to Miami Central for a game they won in August.
  13. Mater Dei scheduled them and won. Cen10 rolled up (7) TD's on IMG. Calif schools are not "afraid" to schedule IMG. You can get that thought out of your head right now. Until IMG conforms to the rules and bylaws that ALL the other high schools have to conform with, the CIF won't allow Calif schools to play IMG anymore. This should not be held against the individual Calif schools.
  14. Tell us you think we are stupid without telling us you think we are stupid. Wake me up when IMG beats a state champion from a power state. I'd even settle for beating one of the state champions in their own state.
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