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Week 1 Excuse Thread

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Alot of Action tonight.  Need to get the Excuse Thread up early.



  • 7 mindntn31 changed the title to SJB v Allen (38-7 2nd)


32 minutes ago, noonereal said:

Texas football has been overrated since time began. 

Slowwwwwllllllyyyyyy the world is learning this.

A bit unfair I’d say. The No. 2 team in America vs the No. 7-10 team in Texas? I’m not sure how non-Texas champions or anyone for that matter losing to IMG and SJB makes them overrated.

An all-star collection of talent? There is literally less than 5 high schools in America that can stay on the field with St John Bosco. 

Jersey’s No. 1 is getting boatraced tonight by a team that lost by 100 to a Louisiana school last year 

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On 7/14/2022 at 9:47 AM, GardenStateBaller said:

Tickets for HSFBs #1 game of the 2022 season will be available on the homepage of the Tom Landry Classic website starting August 19th. 

Those that are unable to attend the game in-person can subscribe to watch it through the link below: 





Interesting description.  Your #2 team playing an unranked team from Texas is the #1 game of the season.

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Let me on that Podcast , I would tell it like it really is.

They stack the team with elite type transfers.

7 transfers this year alone who are playing only their sr year season at SJB.   Joke!! Fake program built on acquired talent (it’s more about the Jimmy s and Joes than the X&Os 

The no boundaries  thing for private schools - you get it - enough said!

fake HS football!!!

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IMG is not a Florida team and not indicative of FL HSFB. 

Mater Dei is the outlier in California and does not represent the strength of the state. Mater Dei and SJB recruit all of So Cal. They are not typical high school football teams. That’s not what all the football looks like. 

When a recruited up private beats a zoned public school from another state, it doesn’t show the strength or weakness of anything. 

SJB beating Allen won’t prove anything other than when you stack and all star team, you can beat zoned neighborhood schools in a football game 

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On 8/16/2022 at 7:19 PM, GardenStateBaller said:

@Texasball If I get MC to play at Allen next season, will you complain that they have too many xfers too? As you know, there are no xfer rules in South Florida. Once this game is booked, MC is surely to clean-up on the xfer trail. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks as always. 

Stop and let it sink in.  SJB has 8 impactful transfers this season alone.  7 of the 8 will be playing only their sr year at SJB.

I respect programs like MC - I am willing to bet that MC does not have 7 impactful transfers playing only their sr year at MC.  

This is the difference.  What Allen gets is pot luck and what MD/SJB get what they need and bunch of them.

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48 minutes ago, Bodysurf said:

IMG performance last night is bad for SFA. I watched some of the stream of this game and IMG looked pathetic. I’ve never seen a collection of this amount of talent look so poor as a team. I give credit to MC for the great win, but it’s not like they looked all that great either. 

Img starting QB getting injured on the first play of the game  was a major factor

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