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  1. Yeah I checked the IMG guys. I don't think any were from the big 4 states. Nole correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. They got the guys on the LOS? That's always going to be the make or break for them IMO. Back 15 or so years ago I felt the LOS was one of the bigger weaknesses when it came to a lot of the top Cali teams. Now, with such a rising number Polynesian football players, it's one of their biggest strengths.
  3. Prob because teams don't want IMG recruiting guys from their teams when they're over there playing. https://theathletic.com/483356/2018/08/22/florida-state
  4. Lets be honest, this isn't a great year to have a unanimous MNC winner. I'd probably be more leaning to BG, Chami, or even MD over IMG but I didn't really get to watch much IMG this year.
  5. Man I can never keep up with all the class changes down here.
  6. Nice good for them. Are they in the same class for a playoff rematch?
  7. Heads up tho Lakeland fans, they held their own for the majority of the game. They have a lot of grit for being undersized.
  8. Looks like Lakeland O made some big turnovers ouch. Had to switch my attention a bit lmao.
  9. Never know. STA losing to Cocoa right now. Never a sure thing in HS fb haha.
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