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  1. What’s crazy is that game started at 5pm. So it’s like at that point the game should’ve very well started at 7 if it was still gonna be foolishness.
  2. They were shooting in the neighborhood and it was fights in the parking lot. But we also shoot fire works after every touchdown or at the end of the game to celebrate victory
  3. Everyone is broward county is calling this game “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” part 2. when these two teams met just two weeks ago it was ALOT OF Hype, ALOT of tension & bad blood which showed in the game. A lot of Flags & a lot of trash talk. the first half saw a neck & neck battle between two teams who desperately wanted to knock each other off by any means. At halftime it was a (9-7) score with the ely tigers up by 2. As The players & over 7,000 fans inside and outside of Otis gray memorial stadium geared up for an exciting finish, all hell broke lose one the away side and home side was children was trampled over, riots broke out in the parking lot & the game was ended by officials and called a “NO CONTEST” , both teams kept their same record as before the game started. Now THIS WEEK! ; 2 weeks ago was just for soul bowl bragging rights & for ely keeping their undefeated streak alive. this week is for the right to save your season & move another step closer to the ultimate goal which is a state championship. This will be the first time these hated rivals have met in the playoffs since the 70s. The loser of this game would not only see their season come to a end , but it will be by the hands of their most hated rival. Will Ely Shock Dillard & Send the panthers home in a season they were destined for a deep playoff run? , or Will The DILLARD panthers crush elys undefeated season at 9 & beat the tigers for the 6th Year in a Row. ?? …..TO BE CONTINUED.
  4. For whatever reason Dillard pulled their starters up 28-0 to start the 3rd qt Ft. Lauderdale have kept their starters in and have scored the last 13 points
  5. L’s had a 1st and goal on the one defense stood up on 4th and goal panthers take over
  6. Crowd is ridiculously low on both sides smh swat out here at the 5pm start for a playoff game and it feels like a spring game! Smfh
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