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AHP vs Los Al Preview (not the game thread)

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*Disclaimer. (This is not the  game thread even it GSB changes the title again

What originally looked like a mismatch in AHP favor, and only got worse when Los Al had their 5* WR transfer to SJB, is now looking pretty even Steven.

After being demolished up front by SJB in the Playoffs, Los Al realized that while they had elite players in the skill positions, they needed to shore up the glaring weakness of their Def line in order to compete on the big stage.  To their credit they did get better.  Veteran Coach Fenton (no stranger to success and has won a CIF Championship while at Cypress),  was quoted as saying "We needed to get stronger and more physical up front, and we have been able to do that.  I am happy with where we are."  Coach understands what it takes to succeed in the playoffs, and has spent the last 3 years preparing the Griffens to make their run in 2022.

Standout (USC commit) QB Malachai Nelson, is battle tested.  The 4 year starter has led the Griffens into very hostile environments.  Frosh year - Long Beach Poly, The Pit at St. Paul.  Junior year - Buchanan (Clovis) and Panish stadium at SJB.  The Griffens are not phased by being on the road, and will stay focused in Fla.  Last year the Griffens had Trinity League Santa Margarita reeling in the first half before imploding.  Local observers saw that the young talent was in place, however the team needed to mature,

Los Al  on offense operates out of the spread with a hurry up tempo that limits defensive substitutions and adjustments.   The wideouts #2, #14, #8, #11 all get the ball and are all dangerous with elite speed.  The Griffens like to get the ball out to the perimeter quickly to #2 who has the speed to take it to the house at any time, and #8 who may be even better with good ability to break tackles, resulting in substantial YAC yardage vs. Garces.  IF the defense gets greedy and tries to lock down #2 and #8, look for Nelson to go deep to slot man #11 who has the speed to get past the safeties, size to win jump balls, and very good hands.  Los Al normally runs 5 wide but when #2 rotates into the backfield, expect him to get the ball. Shifty QB Nelson runs the offense judiciously, does not turn the ball over, and uses his legs to extend plays, but is not looking to run the ball himself.   The O-line has beef and is primarily trained to pass  block, as they do not seem to get off the ball quick enough for a proficient run game.   The Griffens are 80% pass 20% run offense.

AHP on defense -  The Patriots are have a stout front 7 and will be extremely tough to run on.   DL #52 and LB #44 are extremely active, with good football instincts and end up in the mix on every play.   Look for AHP to bring perimiter pressure forcing Nelson to get rid of the ball early.  AHP has the quickness to  play a tight man on man defense with a goal of jumping the quick outs for a pick 6.  The Black hats have a bevy of well designed blitzes including a very effective safety blitz up the middle that resulted in a big turnover against Miami Central last year. 

AHP on Offense - iN 2020 AHP offense ran wild behind converted WR to QB speedy Vinson Davis.    With Davis graduated, look for AHP to spring another run first QB speedster on Los Al.   AHP likes to spread the field going side to side looking for a crease in the defense to exploit with their speed.  AHP will try to establish a run game using the read option.  The key man is Big #4 who is an Ohio State recruit.  Once #4 gets up a head of steam he is very tough to bring down.   The passing game is primitive but  the receivers are lanky with good hands and will taunt the opponents after a big play.  The key will be establishing the run game vs. Los Al.  If AHP is forced to pass, they will be in trouble, with the ball hawking Los Al secondary being superior.


Los AL on Defense - Los Al operates primarily out of a cover 2 with the strength being in their secondary.  Against AHP, the Griffens may be forced to add an extra man to the box to stop #4 and the run.   2 way man Big #78 Anchors the line.  Conditioning will be a factor in the FLA heat, so look for the Griffens to rotate in #66 also with good beef.  Anchoring the secondary is two way man #2 at safety.  In general though, the D- line is tall but lanky and could have problems with the push and power of the AHP rushing attack.  SS #20 is a heat seeking turnover missle that closes fast and brings the wood with him.  Look for #20 to force a key turnover.  The LB core looked a little lost vs Garces.  The Griffen backers need to do a better job on their assignments or the AHP speed will make them pay.  The Los Al front 7 must stop the run or the Griffens may be run out of Fla. 


                                                                            Los AL                                  AHP

QB -                                                                       X

Offense -                                                               X

Running game-                                                                                                            X

Defense -                                                                                                                      X           

Def Line -                                                                                                                      X

Secondary -                                                            X

Team Speed -                                                       even                                               even

Team Size -                                                                                                                   X

Coaching staff                                                         X


Prediction:   Track meet 35-34 Los Al


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  • Sammy Swordsman changed the title to AHP vs Los Al Preview (not the game thread)
On 8/21/2022 at 1:13 PM, Sammy Swordsman said:

*Disclaimer. (This is not the  game thread even it GSB changes the title again

What originally looked like a mismatch in AHP favor, and only got worse when Los Al had their 5* WR transfer to SJB, is now looking pretty even Steven.                                                                                                                                              

Prediction:   Track meet 35-34 Los Al


Where's the week 1 excuse thread?

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