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Could Mater Dei and SJBs Run Be Over?

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SJB graduates 16-18 seniors this Spring and their rising Senior class is awful.

MD loses alot too. And several underclassmen have been transfering despite the Monarchs winning a share of the 2023 Natty. Can first-year Coach Frank McManus hold things together?  

In my opinion no other area of the country are baller parents such a problem than in SoCal. Smh.

Sound off @BB BOS @Bodysurf @Sammy Swordsman @Steeler01

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We are replacing the most important position in QB so that is the only question mark IMO. If Inferrera plays up to his hype, the offense will be explosive. 
Regarding several players transferring out, nobody was an impact player except Jonah Smith who would have been the third best receiver on the team behind KDW and Harris. 
The Monarchs will be just fine next season, much to the chagrin of the haters.

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9 hours ago, generic said:

Maybe a re-classed Juju transfer? https://x.com/JuJuLewis10/status/1744958907137622186

Makes more sense for him to transfer to Gorman or Bosco. Hopefully he doesn’t transfer to MD. Has this kid ever given any indication that he is transferring? 
Given the college football landscape, his verbal to SC is as solid as a roll of Charmin.

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