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The Straight Dope on the Bishop Sycamore Documentary

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Top 10 Facts the Producers of the BS Documentary Don't Want You to Know

1. As of 2/10/21 BS was approved and registered with the Ohio Department of Education (official certificate available to review upon request).
2. Every player on the 2021 BS roster was age-appropriate. Note that of all the players interviewed for this documentary, only two were part of the 2021 roster and played in the IMG game.  
3. BS started its football program in 2018. Leading up to the infamous IMG game in 2021, the Centurions had an overall record of 7-23 (individual game results by season are available upon request).
4. Ten months prior to the ESPN game on 10/16/20, IMG hosted BS in Bradenton, FL without incident. The final score was 56-6, very similar to the results of the 2021 game. 
5. Between 2018-2021 many reputable, highly-ranked HSFB programs from OH and around America proudly scheduled BS.
6. The BS 2021 roster included several D1 prospects. 
7. BS student-athletes did indeed take online classes (video proof available upon request).
8. BS did indeed rent facilities for its student-athletes to utilize.
9. Five nights after the infamous BS game, IMG played 4x State Champion, Cincinnati LaSalle, and beat the Lancers 58-7. Almost the same exact score as the BS game, which proves that BS a was more formidable and talented team than portrayed. 
10. Since BS can continue to operate under Ohio law, the Centurions are currently seeking quality teams to play this season! 

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