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  1. I’m not 100% but the 10 offers he has now he had when he transferred out of Bosco. No new offers after he hit DePaul BC is a good choice.
  2. I miss the days of getting hammered. I wasn’t right till 6 PM the next day.
  3. IMG owes you, which I’m now starting to focus on. I was more focused on what you owe IMG.
  4. Anyone can pull out 2 teams out of a 100 and say, hey, this doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t mean your poll is not very good. That’s not the standard. I think getting #1 right and the top 10 are more important. You’re on the mark there and BC had a good year. Who’s gonna cry about MC with 4 losses being in the 50s?
  5. Are you taking Roy? You have to tape this again. The looks are priceless.
  6. Now, a good-looking coaches’ good-looking wives, you’re closer to home.
  7. I didn’t say it sucks. Congratulations on being included—that’s saying something. But it’s either MD or BG. and isn’t it “our” poll?
  8. You keeping ignoring the most important facts, which don’t help you. And MD is the best.
  9. You just selected BG. who is we? It’s just you, which is fine. 1 of your criteria eliminates choosing the best team. But you do put the effort in.
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