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The Straight Dope on the Bishop Sycamore Documentary

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Fun Fact: Two of the three "stars" of this documentary were enrolled at the infamous USA Academy in Coosada, Alabama before transferring to BS just before the start of the 2021 season! One of them quit and returned home to GA after only two weeks. He didn't even play in the historic IMG game! And the PPP loan accusations noted in the documentary all stemmed from their time at USAA. 

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14 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

I guess pre-order sales aren't looking so good! 😉 

It's rich that he's trying to profit off of these kids like he originally accused everyone else of doing. 


He looked hot in that opening-night photo.  How did he look in person?

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This new article is a quick recap of the upcoming documentary. It's free to read once you login. 

It outlines probably the biggest lie in the entire documentary. And there are tons of them. This big lie is that RJ forced his players to take out PPP loans to pay their tuitions. LOL He had nothing to do with ANY PPL loans that the players and their families applied for. Those actions were taken long before any of those players knew who Roy or BS were. 

What the producers did here is crafty. Remember, two of the stars in the documentary originally enrolled at USA Academy in Alabama months before BS. The owner of that "school", Dusty DeVaughn, unlawfully and successfully did indeed take-out PPP loans on behalf of his USA Academy. Check out the link below to learn more. The producers heard this story from AB and JD and wrote-it in to this documentary to make RJ look even worse. Shifty, huh? Recently, one of the producers even acknowledged that by the time they discovered the kids were lying, it was already too late to extract it from the documentary. How convenient! 

Frame by frame we'll continue to expose each and every lie during the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 



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As I was watching the documentary last night, here are the real-time notes I took:

1. BS was not a mystery team. The same two teams played just 10 months prior without incident. Some of the biggest names in the game scheduled them from 2018-2021. 

2. BS did indeed have D1 college prospects on its roster.

3. BS was a "real" school as it was registerd and approved by the Ohio Department of Ediucation. 

4. Every member of the 2021 team was age-appropriate. The producers confirmed this during my "Match Maker" interview.

5. The program started in 2018. If it was a "scam" how did it last so long? All in Ohio were very much aware of BS.

6. RJs end goal was always to help the kids.

7. John Branham Sr was NOT a Co-Founder of COF. If he had been his name would've been associated with the church from Day One.

8. BS provided opptys for needy kids that loved the game of HSFB.

9. 90% of the players interviewed attended the school between 2018-20. Only two actually played in the IMG game.

10. AB aka Pahokee never tore his ACL.

11. BS players were never "grown-ass men."

12. PPP loan stuff was total lies. RJ never instucted them to do such. If loans were applied for, the boys acted on their own. 

13. JD stayed at BS for only two weeks. He didn't even play in the IMG game.

14. The school wasn't "made up" as evidenced by its Ohio Dept of Education certification.

15. Nobody made any money off any of the players. 

16. No kids were exploited for the benefit of RJ.

17. Trill's mother was never the teams' official trainer.

18. BS was indeed a microcasm of Ohio HSFB. Five night's later IMG beat LaSalle in Cincinnati by almost the same score! 


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Ben Ferree said right in the middle of the film that the school could have been outed over the last 3 yrs.  The info was there for the 3 yrs before the 2nd IMG game, he said.  He said it.  Who were the matchmakers before the 2nd IMG game?   Were they in the film?

Bomani says the real problem is the $ made off the players.  Roy is just the symptom.  Ben says the $ is the problem.  $ allows the Roys to swoop in.  

then they both say that they don’t know why Roy did what he did.  Maybe he did it for fame, they muse.  

so it’s Roy.  No it’s the $ made off the kids.  Roy didn’t make $.  So, he did it for the fame.  

No it’s loopholes.  No it’s the hedge funds.  No it’s black exploitation by black men.  No it’s society.  

they turn something very sad into a trite-ending mess.  By ducking key parts and leaving out key people they do a disservice.  Ferree, I think, is a good guy.  Guy has integrity and grit.  

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It's obvious that the producers searched near and far for a few former, disgruntled BS players to shape their narrative. And that's ok as this documentary was always meant to paint RJ as the Anti-Christ. Today I'll be posting recent quotes from former players that truly enjoyed their time at BS. Contrary to what you may believe, RJ has way more support from his former players than not. 


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I watched the doc last night. Certainly painted the coach in a negative light but that was the narrative of the whole thing. Made him seems like he was crazy. But he made a great point regarding those that claim they want to help kids but are absent. His vision could have worked with the proper financial backing.

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