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12 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Check out this email I just received from an unhinged TX hsfb fan. I consider this a Badge of Honor! We will never be silenced. We'll always present our point of view regardless of the consequences. It's also why we'll never ever accept advertising revenues on our site. #nocowardsallowed #qualityoverquantity



@Horsefly @billthepiedpiper @kimpossible @Devildog 

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@SeaShells21 finally accepts what I've been saying for years! #yourewelcome 

"I love my Texas football, but after watching Florida’s state championships, California’s, Georgia’s and many different matches of the other states I can understand your standpoint of where you’re coming from when you call Texas football overrated and the teams overrated.

For instance, I was really impressed with Georgia’s lower classifications as much as I was with Duncanville and DeSoto complete dismantling North Shore and Summer Creek. They have as much speed and line size in those smaller classes, as Texas does in 4A/5A/6A.6A.

I was also underwhelmed with our lower classifications. I would still like to see head-to-head matchups someday, but I feel I would have to give the edge to Florida and Georgia there. 

Over there your talent and sizes don’t really drop off as much as it looked like it did here.

So, in that respect, I would actually like to thank you for being as blunt as you’ve been, because even though it was once annoying, I did eventually begin to attempt to watch as much Texas and other state matches as I could and remain completely unbiased and I found the games being just as enjoyable, entertaining, and not any different than what you see here in Texas, and that’s what a lot of you have been saying all along, in your own ways.

Great pageantry, large sophisticated bands, huge stadiums 🏟️ and great teams but possibly nothing elite."

So, again.

Thank you 


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3 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Eastwood TX at SJB on 8/30/24.

Eastwood will be visiting SJB two straight years. 

Last season the final scores of both Eastwood losses were as follows:

70-21 SLC

87-58 Frenship 


This is 90 percent of the FL vs GA matchups 

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