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  1. I don't know bout dat. Dem early 2000's Trojans were epic and had a little Soul mixed in with it 🙂 Plus they have been on National News and in a Damn Commercial The Music makes this Epic IMHO Euless Trinity is the only Public School to beat two Privates that were Ranked #1 in National Poll when they played. Shiloh Christian with the Strongest HS kid (Harvick) and DLS.
  2. So running thru the State last year doesn't qualify? I am not an expert on Hawaiian football. Or do you mean you literally haven't seen it by being in Hawaii? BG 42 St. Louis, HI 21 Kahuku 49 St. Louis 14 Kahuku goes 10 - 0 in 2021 and beat the #2 and #3 teams on the Island. And beat St. Louis worse than National Power Bishop Gorman last year
  3. You're the OOS guru. Show me one of the power States that can match the Texas publics OOS resume. Mad respect for Cen10 and Cali ball overall. Now how many OOS games have Cen10. Oceanside. Helix, Grant. Poly, played against OOS powers including Privates? Please include any Cali Public powerhouses I missed. Texans bout to destroy these OOS myths that we don't play them. What we don't do is travel and there are several reasons. Including that we've been to CA, FL, WA, AZ. NM, OK, AR. LA EL Paso Del Valle traveled to El Centro Ca. This past year Which is closer to them than traveling to the DFW.
  4. You just buttressed what I was saying and providing context.. Saved me time. Thanks Now I don't have to post the other ones after I did Allen and ET domination OOS and failing in State. Thanks hell to a few years ago when MD stomped BG. The worse loss in BG history prior to that MD loss was to a stacked 4A Gilmer that had 3 future NFL players. If I include Longview it's like 25 State Champs or runner ups beaten by Texas Privates. 4A Stephenville best 6A Dillard and the Alaska big School Champ Anchorage South 38 - 0. 4A Gilmer in beat Richwood .La 39 - 0 worse than National #5 Bastrop beat them 34 - 12 two weeks later. Everman when a 3A power split a series with Oklahoma 6A power at the time Lawton Eisenhower. The 4A guys have showed out. PG and Paris destroyed 6A Arky High in the last 3 years
  5. I don't go on assumptions ever. I never said we can't be beaten. We have lost OOS. I base things off of facts and history provide the Facts. If WL or NS had played and lost to MD history would prove neither was good enough to Win Texas. Go back and see where the Texas #1 Team finished in all of those Fake National Polls. You will find them ahead of the team that lost OOS. IF ET would have lost to DLS they would not have won State. Our Publics have more State Championships on our wall than any State. Please post all the Cali Publics that have beat one OOS Champ. I will wait. Tx is unfairly judged when history says we are A dominate State vs. OOS powers. Yes we have lost against them. That's expected. But when we do You find we usually lose in State worse with only about 3 exceptions. MD beating Dville was a good win. Dville went out and repeated history the last 20 years. They didn't win State. Matter of fact post Significant OOS wins by Cali Public's in the last 15 years This should be great. We don't stand on 2 Teams to be our representative. I know Ga beat one of them and I'm pretty sure Poly has taken a few beat downs. I'm not mocking. I just want to see all of their significant OOS games with your Publics. But the Falsehood is we don't play OOS games.
  6. These are our public powerhouses. I will put this up against any States Publics. They played 3 OOS teams that were considered among their best ever. Bellevue, Jenks Bingham and DLS was their best team since the streak per the Cali Experts. Bellevue on the road OT lost. Desoto destroyed them 2 weeks later. Jenks lost by 4 @ SLC Stadium. State champs they beat in Bold. ET won State once here and that was after beating Bingham. Yet Allen and Cedar Hill beat them in the Regular Season. 😄 And a Miracle win over Westlake in State. They beat CA, LA, UT, AR(2X) State Champs. And got beat in State every damn year they played OOS. Playing other States Best. Euless Trinity Trojans 8 - 3 vs OOS John Curtis Christian (John Curtis Christian, LA) 9/1/2008 28-12 (W) Bingham (Bingham, UT) 9/7/2009 42-21 (W) Shiloh Christian (Shiloh Christian, AR) 9/6/2010 80-26 (W) Bentonville (Bentonville, AR) 9/20/2013 21-13 (W) Eastern Christian Academy (Eastern Christian Academy, MD) 8/29/2014 41-32 (W) De La Salle (De La Salle, CA) 8/29/2015 26-21 (W) Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow, OK) 8/26/2016 39-16 (W) Union (Union, OK) 9/1/2017 38-7 (L): 9/8/2012 21-18 (W) 2017 Union OK Runner ups Jenks (Jenks, OK) 9/7/2013 27-23 (L) OK State Champs Desoto beat ET 6 1 -35 the next week Bellevue (Bellevue, WA) 8/30/2012 31-24 (L) WA State Champs Desoto beat ET 42 - 21, 2 weeks later. Southlake Carroll on Deck. Allen and ET are a combined 16 - 3 OOS and have multiple OOS Champions and runner ups on their Wall. Yet only won State Twice combined. Facts are just that facts.
  7. Facts: ET has an even greater Resume and won State once while kicking Ass OOS. A look at Allen. I will show Texas Powers one by one over the next few Days. And the facts will become clear. Allen 8 - 0 vs. OOS for this will only show the US teams where they are 6 - 0 all time. 2 wins vs. Prepa Tech Mexico 2014 Allen beats SC 5A Runner up Dutch Fork. Allen Wins 5A SC here 2015 Allen beats FL 7A Runner UP Viera. Believe me they could have put 70 on them. Allen loses to WL 23 -17 in the Playoffs. 2016 Allen beats LA 5A Champ ECA, LA and AL 6A Champ Hoover. Allen loses 36 -28 vs. The Woodlands in the Playoffs. 2018 Allen beats Utah Power East a team that has beaten DLS. Allen loses to Dville in the Playoffs to Dville 41 -35. Evangel Christian Academy (Evangel Christian Academy, LA) 2-0 9/8/2017 28-7 (W) 9/2/2016 45-10 (W) East (East, UT) 1-0 9/7/2018 52-20 (W) Hoover (Hoover, AL) 1-0 8/26/2016 25-7 (W) Viera (Viera, FL) 1-0 9/4/2015 56-20 (W) Dutch Fork (Dutch Fork, SC) 1-0 9/5/2014 58-53 (W)
  8. It's not a Red Herring. This is a Fact No TX Power that lost OOS Went on and won State. History says if they are not good enough to win the OOS game regardless of Opponent they will not Win Tx. DLS in 2015 smoked Cali but lost to 1st Round Loser ET. That will never ever happen in Texas. Hell 5A Lancaster played them just as tough as DLS. Look at this ET lost to South Grand Prairie barely beat 5A SOC and Abilene Cooper an OT game they won 36 - 30. ET beat NS who won the weaker 6A Bracket. NS also lost 2 other games to Texas Powers. 2015 Katy would have beat the Brakes off of DLS. The true Texas #1 that year. Those are facts. Our #1 team will never be a team that lost an OOS game. DLS was #1 in the Nation and destroyed Cali. No other Power State can lay claim to this and our Powers have played damn near every National Power in the Country. Cedar Hill and DVille are the only 2 to make it to state after losing an OOS game. So no excuse about none ever had a chance.
  9. I'm analytical a strong Underwriting background. In order to truly answer this analytics would need to be involved. Categories added and then weighed. Otherwise These answers will always be biased and homerism. For instance. This is just an example. 1. Whose beaten another's State Champ 2. Margin of victories among elite matchups 3. Number recruits each year to DI. This is only HS Seniors. 4. How did team's navigate in State after OOS game 5. Games played at home vs. Away 6. Final Rankings over a certain period 7. Minimum of 3 top 15 must play OOS in same year
  10. When our State Champ loses, let us know. Name a State that has beat more OOS Champs than Texas the last 15 yrs. There is a Cali Big School Skin on our wall. IMG is the only School that has played TX more than once and has not lost. Arlington Martin beat Desoro worse before IMG played them. Dville got topped by SLC. WL was a clear #1. The year WL lost to Liberty, NV when 4* QB Sam was hurt and didn't play go look what LT did to WL. So should a Power State Champ lose fo a 1st rd loser from another State. The Ga big School champ lost 55 - 0 to power State Fl. FL big School Champ,got smoked 38 - 3 vs Ga. Funny no Texas Champ has lost OOS. When a top TX team lose OOS they don't win State. SLC, DV, Skyline, Abilene, ET, CH, WL, Steele. All State powers lost OOS, now go see what happened to them in State. A Young Skyline under Samples lost 38 - 3 STA. Go see what happened in State to them in the playoffs. CH lost to BG a game that got away in the 4th. BG a great team. Desoto beat them twice. Abilene beat SLC after losing to MNW. Here's the kicker these OOS teams were all time greats or among their best ever. Yet in State teams beat our losing Team as much ot more in those loses 90% of the time. You would have to beat every top 10 team in Texas to eventually beat our Champ. DOESN'T HAPPEN HERE. THE ONLY POWER STATE WITH THIS CLAIM. Our non State Champs have over 11 OOS champs on our wall.
  11. Jenks, union, glades Central, Bentonville, Bellevue, Salpointe Catholic, Bryant Ar. Colerain, Howland, WM, JC ECA, La. Off my head are teams played on the road. We are a public State. No public's go running all over the country. Our Privates have travelled all the way to Ireland and played an Illinois team. I'm pretty sure no other States Publics have played that many National powers either home or road. SLC, Allen, Katy, Abilene, Desoto, Longview, Skyline, ET, WL, Steele, Dville. Name Brand TX powers have played damn near 55 OOS games. They have notable losses. But they have beaten multiple Champs or State runner ups. Not looking it up. None have more than 3 losses if memory serves me right. Close to 40 wins among them AL, AR, CA, FL, LA, OK, SC, UT, WA. All State Champs or runnerups beaten by Texas. AR, LA, OK and FL more than 2 beaten. Pretty sure more than 15 of them. Cedar Hill lost to BTW, BG and beat LaSalle, OH. They have had the worst time vs OOS. Not 1 that lost OOS went on to win State only 2 made it. Dville last year and CH. Jenks, Union, Plant, DF, Hoover, DLS, JC, WM, Bentonville, Bellevue, Bingham, Venice, FL. Chaminade Madonna, ECA, La. Were either Champs or runnerups and beaten by TX non Champs mostly.
  12. TX actually has a long history of OOS games. We are a public State and I dont know of any other public State that has played these teams the last 17 years. Bellevue 2x, STA, Cocoa 2x, East UT, Bingham UT, Shiloh Christian, ECA, LA, ECA, DE, Bellevue 2x, IMG 3x, DLS, MD, SJC (DC), LaSalle, OH, St. Joe's, PA, JC, LA, Buford, GA, Jenks, Union. Broken Arrow, Bixby, Salpointe Catholic, AZ, Anchorage South, Ak, Venice, Fl, Hoover, Al, Dutch Fork, SC, Olive Branch, MS, Bryant, AR, Rockhurst, MO, Miramar, Fl, Dillard, Fl, BTW, Fl, Plant, Fl. Off the top of my head. But people think Texas avoids OOS. We don't. The coaches dont like to travel. Many of these teams are State champs or runner ups. If I add our Privates it's a lot more. To include IL, TN and others
  13. If you compare Texas vs California. Just know this TX beat a Cali State Champ with a 1st round playoff loser. That DLS team was judged their best since the streak and they went back and mudstomped Cali. MD absolutely smoked Duncanville and was a great win for Cali. No one has put a TX 6A Champs skin on their wall in the last 20 years. Find another State who can say that. GA, CA, FL the other big 3 have all had their big School Champ lose OOS the last 20 yrs. That's the depth of Texas. You lose OOS you don't win State. Cedar Hill and Dville are the only 2 that lost OOS and made the TX big School championship and they lost.
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