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Toughest First 2-3 Games to start the Season

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3 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Per CP:

MD first three opponents avg ranking: 393.3

GC: 165.6

Your question was the toughest 2 or 3 games, not average ranking of first 3 games. Sure, West Utah is not a great team. But what is the average of Gorman and Cen10? There lies the answer to your original question. Take the average ranking of GCs best 2 out of their first 3 opponents and how does that compare to Gorman/Cen10?

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If you take the average rating of the top 2 out of first 3 opponents.

MD 86.1 (Gorman and Cen10)

Los Al 59 (Basha and Am Heritage). Los Al plays 2 teams ranked higher than any team that GC plays in their first 3 games.

GC 41.5 (Catholic BR and St Joes)


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