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  1. Phenix City Central (AL) and Clay-Chalkville (AL) did not play any out of state competition in 2023. I checked CalPreps.com and their strength of schedules are 37.3 and 29.7. Should they be lumped in as "non-elite" like Aledo and Bixby?
  2. Can you just appreciate what these kids have done against THEIR STATE competition, as opposed to how you feel how they would do against NATIONAL competition?
  3. They are not even close in meaning. National - relating to a nation; common to or characteristic of a whole nation Elite - a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society
  4. As pointed out in another thread, Aledo and Bixby are not Elite. Maybe they should be removed from this and the other list ...
  5. You're making my point - you really should change the name of this Site to NationalEliteHSFB.com
  6. You need to change the name of this Site to NationalEliteHSFB.com.
  7. 13 Teams that finished in the Final @misterfootball National High School Football Top 50 Composite Rankings defended their State Title(s) but only 11 are elite
  8. 19 Teams in the Final @misterfootball National High School Football Top 50 Composite Rankings finished with winning streaks of 10+ games, but only 17 were Elite Teams
  9. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Forum members.
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