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2023 OOS Games Percolating/Confirmed

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SFA at West UT

DF at CQ


Creekside GA at DeSmet Jesuit MO

Creekside at Allen

MC at DV

Cen10 at BG

IMG at Glenville 


Lipscomb at Milton re-match

Punahou at MV

SFA at Mallard Creek

DMC at Freedom VA

GC at BG

BG at MD 

Highland Springs VA at Miramar

Cedar Grove GA at Ely


Bellevue WA at Central Cath OR



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25 minutes ago, Omaha Vol said:

Does Texas ever play a high profile game out of state (besides OK,AR, or LA)?
**Not trying to start something. Just curious? Lol**

No.  Euless trinity was the last one to travel some distance OOS n play a quality team (Bellevue ‘12) 

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3 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Keep them away. They are not ready. They barely beat a bad Glynn Academy team. They would be a huge wasted blowout against any team that a national board has heard of 

That’s what E. St. Louis thought last year….🤷

…..barely beat Glynn Academy?  When? 

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