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  1. Buford/SJP would be a good one. Make it happen, GSB.
  2. Baylor and McCallie are good teams (top 100ish nationally), but they would get smoked by the elite top 20-25 teams. Maybe they can get there in the future, but not right now. They are private schools with money. Oakland is the only public that can challenge them these days.
  3. First off, I got that from a Tennessee site that isn’t always accurate. On the other hand, McCallie always schedules a couple OOS teams every year that will challenge them. McCallie is an all boys boarding school with a lot of money. It’s possible they could be helping out with the travel expenses. McCallie is usually pretty good. Oak Ridge will have their hands full.
  4. It looks like they are playing the return game with Christian Bros in St. Louis. Plus, they scheduled The First Academy. (I've never even heard of them?) This is according to CoachT. Knox Catholic taking on Winter Haven,FL and Baylor playing Coconut Creek,FL. I see a California(Oak Ridge) team is coming to Chattanooga to play McCallie. I hope that's El Dorado Hills,CA Oak Ridge. Interesting game if it is. Kind of surprised Brentwood Acad. isn't taking on an OOS opponent this year. They should be a lot better this year. Still a tough in state schedule, though.
  5. Do McCallie or Baylor have anything brewing? They usually schedule a couple of OOS games.
  6. If you don't get blown out it might get you in the No Nonsense top 25. Good luck!
  7. You know Texas teams are too scared to travel. 🤣
  8. Non-bordering. So, they could play DeSoto, D’ville or Allen. Step up!
  9. You mean the same North Carolina team that Buford took for granted last year and almost lost to?
  10. I wish they would play some OOS teams. Union and Jenks used to do it and had pretty decent results. Bixby has been stomping mudholes in those two for a few years now. It's time for them to venture out.....
  11. No return game to Murfreesboro? What gives?
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