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  1. Non-bordering. So, they could play DeSoto, D’ville or Allen. Step up!
  2. You mean the same North Carolina team that Buford took for granted last year and almost lost to?
  3. I wish they would play some OOS teams. Union and Jenks used to do it and had pretty decent results. Bixby has been stomping mudholes in those two for a few years now. It's time for them to venture out.....
  4. No return game to Murfreesboro? What gives?
  5. Those 5 teams listed played a combined 77 games. 19/77 is approx 25%. So, Eastwood was worse than 75% of the teams they played. That still doesn’t bode well for competition.
  6. Did St. John Bosch really schedule El Paso Eastwood. What a disgrace! Why???
  7. Except that Bixby was a top 20-30 team the last two years. No idea what they’ll be like this year.
  8. So, Oakland might be traveling to Fairburn to play Creekside. Interesting matchup. Is Center Grove going to return the favor and come down to Murfreesboro?
  9. Alcoa’s good enough to play 6A. They don’t want to because in 6A they’re not going to win 9 gold balls in 10 years. Tennessee should have no more than 4 classes in my opinion, but that’s another discussion.
  10. That would be fair. I could also see them playing SFA. They played IMG this year. Why not play the other national all-star team? On another note, how about Houston thumping Oakland? Didn’t see that coming!
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