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Week 6 Tiers

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Tier 1 -    Mater Dei, SJB, Bishop Gorman, Miami Central, Chaminade

Tier 2 –     STA, IMG, AHP, SFA, Mill Creek, Cen10, Colquitt

Tier 3  -     Buford,  ,Westlake, Guyer, Duncanville, Cedar Grove Chandler, Moeller, Liberty AZ, Allen

Tier 4   - St. Ed, Corner Canyon, Lehi, Good Counsel, Northshore,, Poly,  Cardinal Gibbons, DeMatha

Tier 5 -   DeSoto, Mission Viejo, OLU, SJC, SJP, Lipscomb, Katy, Los AL, ESL, SLC, Atasocita, Massilon, Kahuku

Tier 6 -  Folsom, Serra SM, Hoban, Santa Margarita, Venice, MNW, Jserra, Lakeland, Hamilton, Basha, Catholic BR, Edison (ca)

Tier 1 Mendoza:   SFA (54), Bishop Gorman (51), Mater Dei (40), DLS (38),AHP (28), Allen (22)

Tier 6 Mendoza:  Zachary (-35), , STA (-19), St. Ed (-14), Lownds (-11),

Dungeon Tier -  DLS,  Saguaro, DBP, Bergen Catholic, Lowndes, Pittsburg

New addition is the Dungeon Tier.  Teams with the most precipitous year over year decline, from a National team to not being relevant, Choking in a key game, and/or falling significantly short of expectations.  Also teams with hororendous schedules well below their pay grade may be included.r

A new metric for Tier ranking will be the Mendoza Handicap.    Modeled after baseball's Mendoza line, this handicap will represent a teams effort at scheduling relevant games.  No team with a negative Mendoza handicap will be considered for   Tier 1. 

* - Indicates teams on probation for their Tier.

** - Indicates Johnny Stanton rule in effect. (dropped due to uncertainty around injury to star player).

*Requests to add your team will be honored.  But must be Tier 6 or above to be placed on a Tier.

Below is an explanation of the Methodolgy used to place the teams on various Tiers.  The Tier concept recognizes that W/L records are a function of quality of opponent, and as such, RELEVANCY of opponent MUST be factored in.  The Tiers recognizes that in some cases, a 10-0 team (ranked in Top 100 by some outlets) could get blown off the field by a 5-5 (unranked) team that played a tougher schedule.  This is why the Tiers was created.

*Not attempting to rank every team, only the ones we discuss on this site.

*Teams are ranked appropriately for that week in the season.  Teams can improve and regress comparatively.

* The Tiers are fluid and subject to extreme fluctuations early in the year, leveling out as the year progresses.

*Tier placements consider a team’s entire body of work, however are weighted heaviest on recent games and game weights decrease in significance in reverse order.  In other words, early road OOS losses to relevant teams can be overcome as the season progresses.

*Teams placed on the same Tier can compete with other same Tier teams and possibly win 2+ of 10. 

*Basically there is a – 2 score drop between tiers.  Could vary from a TD to 3 scores depending on the styles of teams playing.  This does not necessarily mean that there is a 30 point difference between Tier 1 and Tier 3, only that the chances of a Tier 3 team beating a Tier 1 team are exponentially less than the chances of a Tier 2 Team beating a Tier 1 team.

*The Final Tiers will ultimately be made up of (4-16) teams per Tier that would form competitive playoff brackets.

*Tiers are based on exhaustive research, Multiple games watched, and good gut feelings.

*This is a crowd sourced rating. All input will be considered and adjustments will be made as appropriate

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