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Fans in a uproar , next weeks matchup coconut creek vs ely to be without spectators

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With an agreement that was made just a few out ago , this much anticipated game will be WITHOUT fans on either side. 

in the wake of last week shooting at Boyd Anderson high school during a little league game & several brawls at a few other broward county football games this season , Blanche ely principle and coconut creek principle alongside with the broward county superintendent agreed that no fans will be allowed to this matchup on Friday night. 

and as expected the cougar & tiger community is an uproar & as the broward county commissioner stated more schools will suffer the same fate if broward county as a whole don’t get it together.

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14 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Didn't someone here want me to include Coconut Creek in our next Broward vs The USA event? F that! 

Actually the way it's worded if things keep getting out of hand none the schools will have fans at games 


I suggested Coconut Creek for their talent because you don't want to have a team ranked 200-300th in Florida at any of these events taking on a top 50 national team

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