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Now that the first week is in the books, all I can say is “WEEK 1 Did Not disappoint!” 

Now entering Week 2 if I had to post my south Florida top 10 it would be. 

#1 MIAMI Central (1-0)

#2 Chaminade Madonna (1-0)

#3 American Heritage (2-0)

#4 MIAMI Northwestern (1-0)

#5 St Thomas Aquinas (1-0)

#6 Dillard (1-0)

#7 Columbus (1-0)

#8 Homestead (1-0)

#9 Western (1-0)

#10 Cardinal gibbons. (1-0)

i put gibbons at 10 because right now they don’t look all that impressive. After a big graduation class & a few transfers that transfer out they look a shell of their past championship teams.

3 weeks ago they lost a referee scrimmage to a below Avg Blanche ely team (8-7)

the very next week they didn’t put anybody points against chaminade Madonna 

& last week they won (11-6) vs a dematha team that’s nowhere near what they use to be. But it’s a long season and a lot can change. But for right now, this is where I’m at top 10 wise. 

Dark Horses: BTW (1-0) MIAMI Norland (0-0)Avant grande (1-0) Miramar(1-0),palmetto(0-1), Plantation (0-1)

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