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  1. Yes, he was fun to talk to, too. Both talented guys.
  2. Covered the UConn scrimmage today for New England Football Journal. Spoke to former STA quarterback Zion Turner for a few minutes. Really nice kid, and he’s got a real shot at that starting job. Someone who is easy to root for.
  3. We at New England Football Journal are doing a 40-team MIAA preseason countdown here. Check every day for a new team.
  4. That was a bloodbath. But in 2006 and 2007 X was very competitive with SJR, losing 31-21 and 6-3, respectively. X led at half both games. Xaverian and Mansfield both over the years have scheduled a lot of non-NE OOS games. But right now, most teams don't do it. Central does a great job of playing top OOS teams because they see the value in it.
  5. Incredible, especially this close to the season.
  6. Thanks this is interesting. Young kid, hope he does well down there.
  7. Apparently, Somers declined SC's advances earlier (although I don't know exactly when). I think this game would make sense, especially if you're talking about relative distance. It's a two-hour drive. Very doable.
  8. That's actually not a bad fit geographically. Relatively close, especially for an OOS game. I'll text the coach.
  9. What can you tell me about Neumann Gorretti? To the best of my understanding, they’re more of a basketball power than on the gridiron. What do I need to know? Thanks.
  10. I'm with you. I love the high-profile games, but to me high school football is still about local teams suiting up very Friday night for their town. There's a place for all of it. I don't know. I would hate it if HS football became something only the big-time programs could compete in.
  11. That's disappointing. SFA is one of the few programs in the country that can reasonably compete with those two right now. Those teams should be playing every year.
  12. Alcoa making it caught my eye too. I agree. I doubt Alcoa has been as good as their ranking there. That said, it is cool to see them recognized for their consistency as a less-than-huge public program.
  13. How does LB Poly look this year? Would love to see them rise up again.
  14. As stated before, the five MIAA teams most likely at the top of the rankings here are, in order: 1) Catholic Memorial; 2) Springfield Central; 3) St. John's Prep; 4) Xaverian; 5) Central Catholic. Of the Massachusetts NEPSAC teams, I'd say the top five are as follows: 1) Deerfield; 2) Milton Academy (my alma mater); 3) BB&N; 4) Pingree; 5) Governor's Academy or St. Sebastian's (coin flip). I'd say CM and Springfield Central would be ahead of Deerfield, and Milton and BB&N are right behind Central Catholic. This is subject to change once we hear of the transfers, but I think that's a good pecking order for the state.
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