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  1. If you cryin what the baby gonna do? I’ll actually take the action Norland doesn’t cancel & if you wanna add a lil more juice I’ll even guarentee a Norland win. How bout it?
  2. You gotta do yo homework my guy. Like I said months ago the Bulls will be back in 2024. Norland & Carol city are also stacking back up. Things are getting back to normal.
  3. Head coaching job has been in limbo. We know this. Things are getting set in place brother
  4. I don’t even understand what he saying.. dade publics have been playing power privates goin on 10 years
  5. also hearing lakeland will travel to the mecca to play Central.
  6. I see the bulls didn’t get a mention. The bulls will be in tallahasee come december 2024. Bookmark it
  7. Forsure! & thats not to take anything away from Georgia cause they have really good squads in the large classes but as far as a whole they cannot compete top to bottom.
  8. Idk what ur implying but Milton & Cedar grove lost to real middle of the pack squads down here. Monarch & Western respectively.
  9. Correct! I sit around football heads all day & talk serious game but sometimes I like to get on a board and stir the pot a bit. Can you blame me?😂
  10. You sir have no pull down here, I’m in dade county on sidelines well connected. Actually in the field & not on boards acting like I know what’s going on.
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