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  1. 不不不不不不不 I'm going to bed IT ALL MAKES SENSE
  2. It all makes sense 不不不不不不不 I'm arguing with the same dude that made the bishop Sycamore vs img 不
  3. 不不不不不不 Joe are you still mad we beat your team Don Bosco years ago It was a good game relax my man I'm laughing 不 It all makes sense everything I found 不不不不不不不
  4. I'm not reading all thar but yeah you got it WHATEVER IT SAYS
  5. Right and central is There defending champion we schedule them because they was Top 5 is it our problem they had 4 loses by less then 4 points Also not alot of teams beating cen10 public or private ask MD and SJB
  6. Best offense of All 3 teams vying for a natty Not even close
  7. You could literally say IMG WOULD KILL CC ,CENTENNIAL,LB OR CENTRAL But you can also say BG has the best offense in America and would beat SJP by 50 or Ben Davis
  8. Definitely will give my guy's credit for winning in the polls that Matter and not a GUY on the internet
  9. We will enjoy our number 1 ranking, No one takes your poll seriously or Massey So please just take us out your rank we will accept the exit thank you If it's not BG/MD number 1 it's a joke rankings
  10. To be honest it's BG or MD @Bodysurf this guy is a IMG/east coast lover and hater of BG and west coast when we have the best football on the west coast You can't take 3 teams over there and beat our 3 best over here P.S. we never playing IMG Keep YOUR natty we don't want it In the real polls it's BG/MD
  11. Well see ya next season good night I have to get back to family time and running my company Good luck with everything
  12. Central #25 Corner canyon #18 Centennial #19 Also we up 27-3
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