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Folsom 23 at Pittsburg 15 Final

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51 minutes ago, THEOC89 said:

@Extremely Humble….. What is your take on this game?….

Everyone around here (East Bay) is talking about how great PITT is and how this is their year with all their talent….

My take is, I am not convinced that PITT can win a big game…. I think Folsom has the Athletes to hang with them and I would say that Folsom is better coached….

Pirates Stadium is going to be Rockin and it will be a great environment so I think it will be a close game, 35-28 Folsom…..

I haven't seen Pitt play this season but we all know their offense is loaded. I like Folsom in this one because Pitt is a throw heavy team and one of Folsom's strengths this year is the secondary. If Pitt was a run first team with big lines then Folsom would be in trouble but Pitt plays into Folsom's strengths. Serra was able to beat Folsom on the lines. I don't see Pitt doing that. 

Something interesting to note for this game is how massive this game is for Pittsburg. If they have a convincing win they will have an argument to get the nod for the Open game especially if Folsom beats DLS. Serra is definitely rooting for a Folsom W. 

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