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Florida vs USA

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Vs Georgia 


Bartram Trail vs Ware County

Lincoln vs Ware County

Florida High vs Thomasville Central

Columbia vs Coffee

Gadsden vs Coffee

Manatee vs Lowndes

AH-Plantation vs Milton

University Christian vs Hebron Christian 

Wakulla vs Cairo

Kathleen vs Cairo 

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Vs Alabama


Baker vs Zion Chapel,AL

Northview vs Opp,AL

Northview vs Esc County,AL

Destin vs Opp,AL

Holmes Co vs Opp,AL

Western vs Hoover,AL

Northview vs Flomaton,AL

Godby vs Dothan,AL

Chiles vs Dothan,AL

Jay vs Flomaton,AL

Pensacola Catholic vs Mobile Christian

Pensacola Cath vs Montgomery Cath

Pace vs Andalusia,AL

Pace vs Mary G Montgomery,AL

North Miami Beach vs Auburn,AL

Choctaw vs Enterprise,AL

Choctaw vs Gulf Shores,AL

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2 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Have you noticed that Venice hasn't hosted any elite oos teams of late? That's because after SFA played there I immediately reported and exposed the homer, racist refs who used to rig all their games.

Without these games, they may never crack the T100 again. 


I don’t think that’s how ranking teams works. Because if that’s the case, you are just ranking their strength of schedule and not the actual team on the field.

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