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Mendoza Rating

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A new metric for Tier ranking will be the Mendoza Handicap.    Modeled after baseball's Mendoza line, this handicap will represent a teams effort at scheduling relevant games.  No team with a negative Mendoza handicap will be considered for   Tier 1.  The impact on the other Tiers is being decided. 

As a test, below are the sample Mendoza handicaps on a few teams.  Based on 2021 end of year rank vs. non district schedules for 2022.


SFA - +54

Bishop Gorman - +51

Mater Dei - +38

DLS - +38

AHP - +28

Allen - +22

Los Al +19

SJB - +18

IMG - +6

Bergen Catholic +4

Saguaro - +4

Miami Central - -(4

Folsom - (-4)

Venice - (-8)

Santa Margarita -(-9)

Colquitt - (-14)

St. Ed - (-16)

Don Bosco - (-23)

STA - (-26)



Below are the initial 1.0 metrics for figuring a teams Mendoza Handicap

Based on Non district schedule

Points for scheduling a Better team

1 point for every 10 spots ranked higher.  Capped at 5


Points for scheduling a worse team


minus 1 per every 50 spots lower. *capped at -4

Bonus for scheduling a Top 100


Top 10 = 20, Top 25 = 15;, Top50 = 10; Top75 = 5; Top 100 = 3 point
Net Bonus for scheduling a a team ranked 100 point worse minus 1 per every 100 spots lower.*Capped at -4


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Right now the Mendoza quantifies a SOS.   For  The Tiers I can say that no team with a negative Mendoza rating would be in Tier 1.  This is due to said team not putting together a schedule that can properly Vett them. 

The Mendoza rating will be based on Non conference/league/district scheduled games.   As the season moves into the conference season, then conference wins over higher ranked teams, (not losses), will be included/added to the Mendoza rating. (this prevents teams from benifitting by losses and skewing the numbers.

For Example:  Santa Margarita has a (-10) starting Mendoza rating which disqualifies them for Tier 1.   Lets say they run the table and beat MD and SJB in league.   Those wins will be included in the Mendoza formula which would add +47 Mendoza points giving Santa Margarita a net +37 Mendoza rating

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