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#5 MC 17 at MNW 10 Final

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Just now, SeaShells21 said:

That is an opinion only pushed and believed by you. 

The teams Oos are not elite to Texas. If they were you would see a disparity in the results between the elites and the other Texas teams who have played the team who plays Oos games but there isn’t.

IMG 41 DV 27; MC 20 IMG 14

SFA 47 DS 7; Buford 18 SFA 0

SJB 52 Allen 14; KAH 30 SJB 23

MD 45 DV 3; MD 28 Cen10 14

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1 minute ago, SeaShells21 said:

Has anyone besides a recruited up private school; who you dub “elite”; with all the talent beaten DV by 27-42 points?

North Shore has put up 41, 31, 21, and 17 on DV.

Carroll has put up 35, and 34 on DV and they didn’t need all the SoCal talent in Orange County to do it.


Don't avoid the question. Has NS EVER beaten DV by 27 points or more? Friendly reminder that publics programs like MC, Kahuku and Buford have all beaten "recruited-up private teams" of late. Yet, no TX public will schedule them anymore. #nocowardsallowed 

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Just now, Texasball said:

DV 2023 is different animal 

why are you stuck in the past?

They are building true elite power - should be elite from here on out with Samples.

That look that way because they're playing inferior competition week in and week out!! Take off your blinders!! #playthebest #nocowardsallowed 

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