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Florida OOS week 2

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Florida plays 19 OOS games this coming week, and the Florida team is ranked lower in Florida than the OOS opponent is in their state in 15 of the 19 games!

For some reason, OOS teams love to play inferior FL teams, and bad FL teams love to play good OOS opponents. 

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Here is the OOS favorites with the state rankings next to each. 

Colorado #11 vs Florida #265 Lost

Colorado #40 vs Florida #357 Lost 

Georgia #13 vs Florida #83 Lost

Georgia #273 vs Florida #449 won

Georgia #290 vs Florida #430 Lost

Georgia #294 vs Florida #321 Lost

Georgia #392 vs Florida #419 won


Alabama #32 vs Florida #76 won 

Alabama #45 vs Florida #160 Lost

Alabama #54 vs Florida #142 Won

Alabama #196 vs Florida #239 Won 


Texas #1 vs Florida #31 Lost


Maryland #2 vs Florida #14 Lost 


Mississippi #88 vs Florida #316 Lost


Nevada #1 vs Florida #3 Lost

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6 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

BC at C-M is next week's GOTW!! 

Love it. Gotta win that one to salvage the OOS season. That MC/BG really stung bad. MC should be 3-0 vs BG all time!!! 

Beating Milton, Cedar Grove, St Frances Academy, SJC and hopefully Bergen Catholic, that would be a solid win case. I don’t think Lakeland has a prayer against SJP

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