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Nolebull813 top 25 week 2

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1. Chaminade (+1)

2. Miami Central (+1)

3. AHP (+6)

4. Norland (+4)

5. STA (-4)

6. Columbus (-2)

7. Cocoa (+9)

8. Treasure Coast (+7)

9. Seminole (+3)

10. Vero Beach (+7)

11. Lakeland (-6)

12. Booker T (-2)

13. Western (+10)

14. Lake Mary (+4)

15. MNW (-4)

16. Armwood (NR)

17. Apopka (-3)

18. Jones (-5)

19. Venice (-13)

20. Cardinal Gibbons (NR)

21. Miami Palmetto (NR)

22. Mainland (+1)

23. Jax TC (-1)

24. Monarch (NR)

25. Edgewater (-6)


dropped out 

#7 Homestead

#20 Bartram Trail

#21 Osceola 

#25 Tampa Catholic 

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20 teams on the outside looking in. In no particular order 



Tampa Catholic 

Bartram Trail 






Lake Wales


Winter Park 

Cardinal Newman

Pine Forest 

West Orange 

Tampa Bay Tech 

FSU High 



St Augustine 

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Week 2 schedule 


1. Chaminade vs #20 Cardinal Gibbons

2. Miami Central vs Bishop Gorman,NV

3. AHP vs #23 Jax TC

4. Norland vs Carol City 

5. STA vs Fort Myers

6. Columbus vs Killian

7. Cocoa vs #19 Venice 

8. Treasure Coast vs Jesuit 

9. Seminole vs Osceola

10. Vero Beach vs Palm Beach Gardens

11. Lakeland vs Largo

12. Booker T vs Edison

13. Western - off

14. Lake Mary - off

15. MNW vs Jackson 

16. Armwood vs Bloomingdale

17. Apopka vs West Orange 

18. Jones vs Good Counsel,MD

19. Venice vs #7 Cocoa

20. Cardinal Gibbons vs #1 Chaminade 

21. Miami Palmetto vs Lakewood 

22. Mainland vs West Broward

23. Jax TC vs #3 AHP

24. Monarch vs Atlantic Delray

25. Edgewater vs Clearwater Academy 

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22 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

STA would f'ing destroy Norland. And Lakeland is too high. 

Clearly you didn't watch Norland Friday night. And if you did to make the statement you just made, you watched drunk! STA has no offense. That QB is not good. The QB from Norland alone would beat what STA put on the field yesterday. 

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36 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

 Norland WAS scheduled to visit SJB this season. Then they abruptly canceled. Let’s just say that Dade is no Broward. 

Don’t act like a clown on the Sabbath. Norland couldn’t move the Carol City game. You know that. Carol City is the home team. 

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1 minute ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Very true, but why not try to schedule a game later in the season or in 2024? Other than MC, no other Dade public has the balls to actually travel to CA. 

Doesn’t work that way for this year. But in 2024 yeah they can revisit the idea. It all comes down to money anyways. 

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