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I came home and it was on.  I caught some and your 1st appearance.  

I’m having an anniversary dinner, and it keeps occurring to me that the film needs more of you.  You should have been the narrator and key figure   

I just can’t get enough of listening to you.  

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The suit and tie were great.  Great combination.  Classic.  Glad you didn’t go double-breasted.   Your appearance screamed guineau enough without the extra shine   

but that’s who we are    We’re the dagos, we’re the guineaus, we’re the polocks, we’re the you-know-whos.  

we left the film on for the dogs while we were out.  Ella, who bit you, likes to see you on TV.  You’re so good, I’m not watching the Sopranos tonight.  I’m even giving up Middlemarch for the evening.  

you’re better than that freak-of-the-week Bomani Jones   


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Bomani says the real problem is the $ made off the players.  Roy is just the symptom.  Ben says the $ is the problem.  $ allows the Roys to swoop in.  

then they both say that they don’t know why Roy did what he did.  Maybe he did it for fame, they muse.  

so it’s Roy.  No it’s the $ made off the kids.  Roy didn’t make $.  So, he did it for the fame.  

No it’s loopholes.  No it’s the hedge funds.  No it’s black exploitation by black men.  No it’s society.  

they turn something very sad into a trite-ending mess.  By ducking key parts and leaving out key people they do a disservice.  Ferree, I think, is a good guy.  Guy has integrity and grit.  

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