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  1. Lolll since 09 cent has played anybody at any moment. It never mattered, I'm 100 percent sure there is something deeper behind the scenes and I know 100 percent central never wanted a Saturday morning game. As central shares a stadium with 6 other schools im sure it was stadium issues. Cause central is as talented as anybody is this year believe that.
  2. Watch its Cause they don't wanna travel. Scary Cali boys
  3. Aint you da same person who said Don Bosco was gon beat up on edgewater last year or am I tripping? Cause being a florida native you would think you would know if it ain't the best of the best they cannot sit with us. Just cause Miramar aint top of the pole don't mean they trash. I know for a fact aint nothing in Virginia scaring anything down here. No mismatch, watch how it play out nolebull
  4. orr orr i been on & got logged out. made a new acct.
  5. Look at this nonsense. Been top 10 for the past 3 years & put together this foolery. Texas football everybody ...
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