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  1. And DBP should visit Ed to finish the one off agreed a bunch of good programs here. More games like these should happen.
  2. The last time Eds played SJR was just a simple intro that I made which included BC i think unless there was a 2 year commitment they feared not having enough opponents each year also the harbin points Ohio ‘s system for playoff qualification & seeding precluded some OOS games im with you sharpening the iron & entering the playoffs battle tested as I mentioned to you some 8+ months ago now 12 teams out of 17/18 per region make the playoffs so should open more opportunities for you since an extra loss does not mean anything but being battle tested.
  3. Come on you know OHSAA by laws an Ohio team may only travel once per calendar year to a non contagious state Once= SUCKS !
  4. They lost OOS to Chandler by 3 so not bad you know the ridiculous OH rules but yah better than b4
  5. I was going to let you know earlier but too busy at work. CC #88 Calpreps and 3 time CO state champ with 4 D1 prospects so could be a good one
  6. They became suspect since the 2 states NJ & OH did not recruit or receive the gift
  7. Ed’s # 1 Calpreps 2010 # 5 in 2014 after that the rankings became suspect
  8. I’ll start working on it tomorrow my contacts at my Club are invaluable
  9. This will be our mission i stepped back a bit but can make it happen . We will discuss
  10. Since there are only 5 tier one teams good point
  11. The last time this happened was 2011-15 when NJ-OH had some of the top teams nationally
  12. Tough to gage teams from different regions i remember in 2018 after Eds won state you moved them to tier 2 because you said they improved greatly and earned it. You were right.
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