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  1. GC won a hail mary in the rain at Annapolis under TK....GC did not want to play SJR the following year bc we were loaded and they would have kiiled....as was Dematha by SJR.....!!!!!!!!
  2. have no clue what SJR will be this year....usually have some sort of feeling..this year..who knows.....new offense is looking very good and our Heinrich our QB is making major strides....we probably have the 3 best RBs and the best RB ( Willis ) in the state,,,so we can run it....pass it....can we stop the other team????? no clue....looking forward to Friday night
  3. SJR had a secret scrimmage vs Iona prep last week and had their way with them....its a scrimmage but still...way too high for any NYC /LI Catholic school unless they beat a Big 3 or OOS team that matters etc.....
  4. Best LAX kid in area ....2 more years..could have gone any where.... JT Giles - Harris good !!!!!...2nd commit along w Cooper Kurtz last week for lax at Navy. Congratulations Isaac Cruz (2024) on your commitment to the United States Naval Academy! We are all very proud of you! Two Navy lax commits in the last 10 days! @SJRAthletics1 @SJRHighSchool @PrimeTimeLax08 @HSSportsNJ @MikeKinneyHS @NJScom @tyxanders
  5. We see Columbia and Raise you Yale @ VIRFIDELIS and the Green Knights SJR Football @SJRFB · 6 Jul Excellence in the classroom and on the field!! Congratulations @Donovan_McKoy ! #VirFidelis Quote Tweet Donovan McKoy @Donovan_McKoy · 5 Jul 100%!! @yalefootball @SJRFB
  6. How many Publix’s and or ‘ c’ level teams did the Hansen idiots schedule this year for SPP ?????
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