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  1. that stinks. oh well I guess they still need a Week 1 game though correct?
  2. understood just happy Bergen isn't shying away after our visit to Hollywood last season
  3. I did my best Charlie Harper impression last night. I'm paying for it today.
  4. They are a Top 40 team that can play up to a 20 & down to a 60..Now go fix that shit ass program you worship from Ramsey. AND STOP JERKING OFF TO A PICTURE OF OUR D-LINE COACH ! Mr. TOAL
  5. STOP HANDJOB! Bergen lost a bad game to an incredibly talented Top 5 (argument for #1) team. BC can & would play comfortably with any team from #14 down in any of the national polls.
  6. Most of the games are at Rutgers. Non-Public A & B are at MetLife
  7. Jets played at MetLife yesterday & the Giants are tomorrow. Gotta take what they give you
  8. That's all I'm saying. 5-6 years ago there was actual parity. The last really Top 5 team NJ had might have been the 2014 SPP team with Winbush & Fitzpatrick. Should have beat IMG that year.
  9. Test I'm speaking of the current environment not a decade ago. Do you think there is parity right now in the BNU?
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