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2 hours ago, pied said:

What is the point of this?  And maybe more directly why post here?  I have a kid in HS an I'd say there's nothing shocking, but wouldn't imagine any adults in charge being particularly proud of the video and there's not much of substance either.

Some kids acting like kids horsing around in a locker room and hotel.  About 30 seconds of them saying mostly inaudible stuff at the game and then the airplane.  

It's 15 minutes of meh.  

cause I can didn’t know I need your approval 

they should have never disrespected dead players from Sfa 

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56 minutes ago, pied said:



You don't and you're correct they should not have.

What was the point or interesting to the video?  They showed the same clip at the game at the beginning and again at the end.  There wasn't anything interesting or even provocative or interesting.  They said the score and that's about it.  

I think they mentioned people ~"on the gram" once or twice but no reference.  A little bit of hotel room hijinks but not interesting.

Would have been more worthwhile if there would have been something about the trip or even talking about how bad they were going to or how bad they beat DeSoto.


Stay tune it’s coming 

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