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MaxPreps Top 25 Composite Poll

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6 minutes ago, pied said:
  1. USA Today - Not Included
  2. CalPreps - CHECK
  3. Massey - Not included
  4. MaxPreps - CHECK
  5. BlueStarMedia - CHECK
  7. SBLive - CHECK
  8. ESPN - Not Included

So the MaxPreps one doesn't show  USA Today, Massey, or ESPN, but we all know you don't like it!   He doesn't list the one poll that has stated that it won't include Texas teams.  So so so so so funny!

Interesting,  so the maxpreps comp poll is not as inclusive as GSB led us to believe and is less inclusive than the other one. Smh 

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45 minutes ago, pied said:


lol, does this make you feel dopey?


Average rank: 7
MaxPreps Top 25: 6
CalPreps: 4
High School Football America: 9
SB Live: 6
Blue Star Media: 3
National HSFB: 14




Wise men walk when others run, and run when others walk. DV will have the chance to rise once they start playing decent teams. Stay tuned! 

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5 minutes ago, pied said:

Ha!  It’s a dig on your rankings. You don’t really do a poll, but a ranking but think the details of that aren’t super important. 

When someone refers to where a team is in a poll, everyone understands the meaning. 

Your rankings are so funny but you can’t really did “lol” in “ranking” so I started calling it your “plol”. 

At least we're talking about it. All press is good press! 

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