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  1. 💯💯💯💯💯❗️
  2. Joe's has falling to a 3rd rate program. With a much better team they managed to win ONE more game than last year's team.
  3. Were you behind National High School Football ranking them top 50 in the country?
  4. No, he played. Even got some offensive snaps
  5. Sjr was missing two starting LBs,a safety, and a kicker. If you didn't notice LB is a position they cannot afford to lose players at. MLB goes down vs BC. BC goes on a 80yd drive, running off tackle immediately after he goes down. All the teams mentioned above have a combined record of 19-6. Bosco is 4-5 and lost to a 3-5 team. It's apples/oranges baller
  6. I'd have to say Delbarton and Pope john could beat them. Both beat DePaul, while Delbarton blew DePaul out.
  7. With all that said, you'd be blind if you said current is situation is better
  8. Bro, McCoy beat the #1 team in the nation (St. Thomas Aquinas). This guy just lost to a 3-5, group 3 school, that lost to Pope John! Wes threw 6tds/2int before being benched. Ole buddy has 7td/7int and counting... you're joking right?
  9. Idk much about CL's skill set as a QB, but I've watched Bosco’s offense appear handcuffed to the new qbs inability to make simple throws. That pic 6 he threw was the nail in the coffin. It's hard to imagine CL was worse than that after having 3yrs in that offensive system.
  10. Either Charlie Lamorte was God awful, or there was a serious case of cronyism involved in naming the starting Bosco QB for this season. This shit is sad to watch! 🤬
  11. Both teams played in the same weather with the same delays. Some are saying the weather delays are the only reason they didn't get 40 balled. All scenarios are hypothetical so lets just stick to the facts. Bosco has a solid defense. Cass Tech has an athletic offense. Cass Tech scored 14pts on SJR. So the question would be Cass Tech Offense vs Bosco Defense.
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