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  1. Have you changed your reasoning? You expressed your thoughts on the MNC and it's importance or the desire to win it by certain teams. Clearly you have come to realize it is not as important to some as opposed to others.
  2. I keep telling you......all that matters in Georgia is a state ship.
  3. Top 100 from the Dallas area. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2024/07/01/sportsday-hs-top-100-recruits-class-of-2025-dallas-fort-worth-area/
  4. As I said, get better or stop complaining.
  5. He denigrates Georgia for beating Florida. He then defends Florida when it is pointed out that need to step it up.
  6. It is your estimation that Florida is full of crappy teams, not mine. I just agree with you.
  7. Spoke to a few friends that had access and the word is WOW!. So much talent in Carrollton this past weekend. https://247sports.com/college/georgia/longformarticle/stay-wolk-georgia-notes-from-under-armour-atlanta-camp-227406734/
  8. Name a state that is NOT composed the same, as far as this topic is concerned. Just one.
  9. Stop blaming Georgia and produce better athletes to upgrade the state. You can't throw shade from the shade.
  10. Why are there so many bad teams in Florida?
  11. Name status is overrated here. In Georgia, you never know.
  12. Suspect. You are more than capable of making more OOS games possible. Expand your narrow criteria. I am sure there are top 250 schools incapable of handling some top 1000 schools. Given your resources, make it happen. Pursue it as part of your quest for a true national champion playoff.
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