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  1. Hudl suggests otherwise. Not to mention the fact that the remaining students were also recruited to play sports. Not a real school.
  2. I asked how many were in the football program. I worded it that way precisely to take away the avenue you chose. You chose it anyway, for obvious reasons. Let's try again, except this time avoid the move seen above: How many of the 90 students in high school (grades 9-12) are in the football program?
  3. But who qualifies as top 10, 100, 300 etc is entirely subjective, and what people/computers come up with is often wrong. That's the part people don't like to acknowledge. Is San Juan Hills, 3-7 in 2021 and currently sporting zero recruited players #319- FAR above average- in the country? According to calpreps, yes. Anyone playing San Juan hills gets credit for playing a team with the power rating a top 320 team has. Yet, I doubt we can find anyone sane arguing that 3-7 San Juan hills is an upper-echelon national team. Beating them should be no big deal, and yet it IS a big deal given their relatively high power rating. It's a joke.
  4. A major problem that people don't like to acknowledge is that we aren't nearly as good at evaluating SOS as we wish we were. Both human and computer ratings are based significantly on ASSumptions that may or may not actually be correct. And yet, people still continue to refer to SOS as if it's some sort of objective fact not to be disputed ๐Ÿคจ.
  5. Not just discipline. The quality of game planning (including film prep) and coordination varies wildly as well.
  6. 90 students at the high school level. Any relevant national program has at least 90 kids in their football program between varsity and JV/freshman teams. Even if the whole football program only has 60 kids, that's still 2/3 of the entire school playing football ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Most ratings stop at 25. Any ratings below about 100 will be computer only.
  8. 90 students in the entire "high school". How many are in the football program? It's not a real school. It's just another variation of USAA, Bishop sycamore etc. It's a football academy that recruits international players and provides them free housing, food and other goodies. That's fine by itself. But, it's not at all comparable to actual schools playing football with local student-athletes.
  9. Ah, honesty! Credit for that. The wrangling over schedule strength is all about trying to pressure schools to use Joe's services to schedule games.
  10. So, calpreps computer ratings and the opinions of the handful of people posting on this message board? ๐Ÿคก
  11. Meaning, consults with you to make their schedule. ๐Ÿคก One of, if not THE, best teams in Florida is, by definition, a major player nationally. At the moment, Jesuit is MUCH more relevant nationally, having knocked off STA and won a state title. it's quite the struggle to come up with ANY major wins for CAI.
  12. This might shock or offend you, but, we can be sure Jesuit has absolutely zero envy of Clearwater Academy International, which has its own dedicated promotional thread here. ๐Ÿ˜
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