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Tentative 2024 Flo Broadcast Schedule

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Below is the tentative 2024 PGL/Flo Broadcast Schedule as of today. It's still subject to change as games are finalized. 

Date   Visiting Team Host Team
22-Aug   Peachree Ridge GA (46/463) Coconut Creek FL (22/243)
23-Aug   Arch Spalding MD (3/77) Archbishop Hoban OH (3/53)
23-Aug   St Frances MD (4/161) Center Grove IN (2/54)
23-Aug   Grayson GA (8/56) Thompson AL (3/73)
23-Aug   Hoover AL (22/858) Western FL (26/302)
23-Aug   IMG FL (1/7) Corner Canyon UT (1/9)
24-Aug   St John Bosco CA (2/3) Chaminade-Madonna FL (2/8)
24-Aug   Bishop Gorman NV (1/4) St Thomas Aquinas FL (3/26)
24-Aug   Milton GA (2/21) American Heritage FL (12/129)
30-Aug   Good Counsel MD (1/27) Columbus FL (8/100)
30-Aug   Creekside GA (16/121) DeSoto TX (1/2)
30-Aug   Don Bosco Prep NJ (10/552) Archbishop Hoban OH (3/53)
31-Aug   St Frances MD (4/161) St Joseph Regional NJ (6/429)
6-Sep   Good Counsel MD (1/27) DePaul NJ (16/868)
6-Sep   Norland FL (5/74) Buford (12/89)
6-Sep   St John's DC (5/338) Clearwater Academy (33/351)
7-Sep   Newton GA (17/122) East St Louis IL (7/405)
13-Sep   Freedom VA (1/130) DeMatha MD (2/46)
13-Sep   St Joseph Prep PA (1/14) Good Counsel MD (1/27)
14-Sep   East St Louis IL (7/405) Imhotep PA (2/60)
27-Sep   DeMatha MD (2/46) Archbishop Hoban OH (3/53)
25-Oct   IMG FL (1/7) East St Louis IL (7/405)
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